Personal Records (current and former athletes)

*All marks achieved prior to entering college*

Class of 2009


Kristin Forsberg - 17'6.5"(LJ) 15.84(100mH) 45.87(300mH) 2792(Pent.)


Class of 2010


Patavia Lowery - 2:15.83(800m) 5:14.74(1600m)


Class of 2011


Hannah Cox - 18'10.5"(LJ) 4'10.25"(HJ)

Callie Heitzman - 14.69(100mH) 44.38(300mH) 5'0"(HJ)

Maddie Treasure - 43.89(300mH) 18'5.25"(LJ) 3600 (Pent.) 4649 (Hept.)


Class of 2012


Emily White - 17'4"(LJ) 4'10"(HJ)


Cody Brooksbank - 10.71(100m) 22.15(200m)

A'Darrius Sanders - 21.75(200m) 37.92(300mH) 49.56(400m)


Class of 2013


Shantyra Delaney - 8.87(60mH) 14.33(100mH)

Tamara Hundley - 12.42(100m) 25.43(200m) 58.23(400m)

Kathryn Pickle - 46.30(300mH) 5'2"(HJ)

Melina Russell - 32'11"(SP) 111'6"(DT)

Lindsey Burnett - 17'3"(LJ) 2786(Pent.) 4028(Hept.)


Lionell Morris - 10.58(100m) 21.74(200m)



Class of 2014


Maya Barroso - 18'1.5"(LJ) 11'6"(PV) 43.93(300mH) 25.24(200m)

Riley Campbell - 4'11"(HJ) 2:26.20(800m) 2582 (Pent.)

Marabeth Clark - 15.65(100mH) 25.50(200m) 46.02(300mH) 59.55(400m)

Lamara Glass - 34'8.75"(SP) 100'0"(DT)

Zaria Walker - 12.96(100m) 58.84(400m)


Chase McBride - 23.83(200m) 52.23(400m)



Class of 2015


Nathan Cottrell - 10.98(100m) 23.18(200m)

Griffin Lewis - 19'10.5"(LJ)

Seth Marshall - 11.18(100m) 22.65(200m)



Class of 2016


Nicole Adams - 27.54(200m) 58.63(400m) 2:20.45(800m)

Kaitlyn Lay - 1:01.70(400m) 2:19.60(800m) 7:21.61(2000St)

Katie McBride - 25.96(200m) 58.75(400m)

Shannon McBride - 12.98(100m) 26.15(200m)

Aquela McGraw - 13.01(100m) 26.26(200m) 1:02.86(400m)

Precious Johnson - 12.63(100m) 25.58(200m) 57.61(400m)

Shelby Reynolds - 17'7.5"(LJ) 4'10"(HJ) 1:03.83(400m)

Carson Woody - 2:24.24(800m)


Frenando Blevins - 12.22(100m) 56.74(400m)

Justin Stevens - 53.69(400m) 2:08.87(800m) 102'2"(Jav-800g)


Class of 2017


Jenna Justus - 15'5"(LJ) 31'9.5"(TJ)

Drew Long - 17'1"(LJ) 12.95(100m)

Alexis Partin - 12.34(100m) 26.38(200m)


Class of 2018


Kristin Blevins - 12.57(100m) 26.56(200m)


Class of 2019


Caroline Lewis - 17'1"(LJ) 12.93(100m) 26.87(200m) 1:01.98(400m)

Alivia Nytko - 31.78(200mH) 4'2"(HJ) 13'10.5"(LJ)

Eva Toler - 14.19(100m)


Shea Degraaf - 5'4.5"(HJ) 37'10.75"(SP-6#) 16'7"(LJ) 117'2"(JAV-600g)


Class of 2021


Jaden Houston - 14.11(80mH) 12'10.5"(LJ) 2198(Pent.)

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